Players Corner

Batting Gloves
Mizuno Anti Shock
Mizuno Vintage
Mizuno Vintage Pro
Mizuno Thunder
Mizuno Finch
Easton VRS
Easton Turboslot 3
Evo Shield
Louisville Slugger
Stop by and see all the batting gloves we have in stock. What you need is what we have and at a great price. Youth and adult sizes for all gloves.

Whether you are looking for a polished finish or a matte finish we have you covered. Need a mask or chin strap for your helmet – we got you protected. We also carry fit kits (extra padding) for your helmet if your helmet is too big.

Equipment Bags
From catcher’s bags, equipment bags on wheels, to back packs – we have them. We have an array of sizes and colors to suit your needs.

Head Gear
Don’t miss out on your bright colored headbands and bows. We have color scheme headbands and bows to fit any team’s colors.

Coaches Corner

Coach’s Corner.
Prime Time Softball has you covered
Whatever your team needs we have it!
Come see the latest additions we have from Bow Net – make pre game set up and traveling easier with these easy set up/take down hitting nets.

Bow Nets

Bow Net Big Mouth Net – Great for front toss, tee work, and a throwing net.
Bow Net Ball Caddy – Save the back ache with these caddys. Hold up to a bucket full of softballs. Great for BP, any hitting station, defensive work, etc.
Worth 12″ balls ASA & USSSA
Worth 11″ balls ASA & USSSA
Worth NCAA official balls 12″
Weighted Softballs

Use weighted balls to loosen up a players arm or help improve arm strength. We have slightly weighted softballs to use as a training tool and aide to help your players. Great for catchers.
3 colored plated to help pitchers and catchers understand the importance of where to throw the ball. Great to throw in a catchers equipment bag for pre game warm up, making sure the pitchers have an accurate target to throw to.
Hitting Aides
Yellow Foam Balls – Great for all hitting drills and not hard on the bat – You can use both indoor and outdoor.
Dimple Balls – Can be used on any pitching machine
Total Control Balls (TCB) – Sand filled balls that give your hitters immediate feedback on their extension and follow through. Great for hitting stations as well as front toss before a game to get your hitters to explode through the pitch.
Total Control Wiffle Balls – Use for your pregame drills or at hitting practice. They are heavier than a normal wiffle ball which causes them not to fly. Spend more time hitting and less time chasing balls.
Tees – We have a tee that is sure to last. Light weight and easy to carry to practice or pre game warm up.
Hit Stick – Small bat the size of a broom stick to encourage and teach hand eye coordination. Easy to use and to hit with wiffle balls or foam balls.
Ball Buckets
If your ball bucket is on it’s last leg we have some for you. You can either purchase an empty bucket of if you are in need of a bucket and balls we have that option for you as well!
For the Briefcase/Backpack
Lineup cards
Score books
Eye black
Magnetic board/clip board to hang up in dugout
Everything a coach needs in preparation for practice or a game we have it for you.